Built Green

About Our Homes

BUILT GREEN® homes are third party certified, energy efficient and environmentally responsible homes. This label adds value to your home by promoting the use of resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, construction practices and products.

Resource Efficiency

Quite often, when people buy a new home, they don’t think about or ask about the operating costs (utility bills) associated with home ownership. With a BUILT GREEN® home you can be assured that there are features in your home that will reduce your operating costs. Energy efficiency is built into every BUILT GREEN® home. The level of efficiency will vary from builder to builder, and your BUILT GREEN® certified builder will be pleased to discuss this with you.

Water efficiency is also included in every BUILT GREEN® home. Features will vary from water-saving toilets to low-flow showers and faucets to xeriscaping and more.

Electrical efficiency is addressed in this program with options for CFL and LED lighting to timers and motion sensors to whole home automation.

The BUILT GREEN® program accepts that there are many ways to build sustainably, so the possible variations are nearly endless. A home built in the BUILT GREEN® program should save a minimum of 10% in annual utility bills compared to a code-built home (your performance will vary).